An IT analyst by profession, London Olympics Volunteer, Ritesh used to write motivational articles and quotes before his accident in 2013.

After suffering a head injury in 2013 that effectively shelved him from work, he began suffering from a number of physiological and psychological problems. He still loved to write, but the words were difficult to come, and he lost his own motivation and confidence. While our family was aware of the toll that this was taking on him, we struggled to help. Suffering from PTSD, Psychotic depression, Photophobia and Chronic fatigue, staff of Community Mental Health team, Wokingham provided him crucial life saving support, counselling and guidance.

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Often attributed to Ernest Hemingway, it was the discovery of this piece of flash fiction on March 17, 2017 that led him to realise he didn’t need tens of thousands of words to tell a story. This was what marked the beginning of his project: Six Word Is All I Needed. He wrote his first fifty that very same night.

His first story was:

“Cause of Death: Drowned in Tears.”

When I read it, I was instantly intrigued and shared with friends and family. All of them loved it and want to read more.

Next day I asked him to write more but he demurred, dismissing it as a useless pursuit. However, seeing the way Ritesh’s spirits were raised by the return to his creative side, I decided not to give up. So I came with an idea: evoking the style that revitalized him, we would get him published in six days.


In two days, we were already well on our way to achieving this goal. With the help of Ritesh cousin, Gitesh, we established a domain; contracted couple of freelancers at Fiverr® to get advice on the book, design the logo and the book cover.

The whole process was so new, I was learning every other second. But as always, Ritesh was by my side giving me all the inputs. It reads like the sort of motivational stories Ritesh used to write.

Our son Ojas and daughter Tia gave us all the help and cooperation and were definitely amused to see a normal family filled with laughter, a far cry from seeing father in pain and depressed.

Six word is all he needed to begin his recovery from mental and physical illness. Although it is a long road ahead, we hope this book inspires him to write more and open more avenues for him.

Aditi Ritesh

Wife, Friend but before everything.. Soulmate.

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