Six Word is all I needed

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It is said that Noble laureate Ernest Hemingway wrote probably the first six word novel “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”  on a tissue paper.

This story was Ritesh’s inspiration and in just one night he penned down 50 thought provoking stories. One of his first story, “He saw herself in the mirror.” can be interpreted as a story about identity crisis or a horror story where a man see a spirit in the mirror, or a Sci-Fi movie scene where man is turning into woman.

Six word plus imagination; endless stories.

Reader Reviews:

He is so creative, bloody brilliant!!!

Can’t stop reading more and more of it!!!

Each story is a poster I would love to put up on my wall

Loved d cover page, very good kick start. Loved the six days action packed performance. It’s not a mean feet.

Salute to this creative initiative where all expression needs is just 6 words.

Read sample pages | Buy Paperback Book  | Buy eBook for £1.99

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