Thought-provoking stories told in six words

On March 17, 2017, after reading Ernest Hemingway’s famed six-word story “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” the author unleashed a torrent of inspiration. That night Ritesh wrote 50 six-word stories, laying the groundwork for this remarkable book with thought-provoking six-word stories that was published online in just six days.

SixWord Stories Book


Six-Word is all he needed

I’d like to tell you about the author who has been in long-term mental health treatment but rediscovered himself through the art of storytelling in six words.

Cause of death: drowned in tears

One of the first six-word stories, Ritesh wrote that night, depicting his mental state at the time. Read some of his six-word stories offering a wide range from identity crisis to personal humour:

He saw herself in the mirror.

Life’s a marathon, realised after sprinting.

Donald is a cartoon, not president.

To deal or not is BREXIT.

Close relative, secret games, scarred soul.

Old wife 🏍️ for sale. F* autocorrect.


Those six words say so much

Faye Reavley

You are very clever with your chioce of words. Very good

Cheryl Brookman

A story well told in six words

Sue Corcoran

These aren’t easy and you’ve made it look easy.

Chris Holland Jackson

Brilliant!! Right up there with Hemingway’s six-word story

Rod Chadbourne

Congratulations, so much in so few words

Virginia Miranda


Procrastination kills more writers than death

In the true spirit of six-word stories and the author’s delirious mental state of huge swings from highly inspired to deeply demoralised, a radical and arduous decision was taken to get the book published in the next six days i.e. on 21st March 2017.
Here is a summary of those incredible six days

Day 1

Ritesh penned down six-word stories in the night and shared them with his wife, Aditi. She found it very interesting and shared it with family and close friends. All loved the new style of storytelling and stressed that Ritesh should write more.

Day 2

But Ritesh demurred to write more, dismissing it as a useless pursuit. However, seeing how Ritesh’s spirits were raised by the return of his creative side, evoking the style that revitalised him, Aditi proposed getting the book published in the next six days.

Day 3

Knowing the fact that Ritesh loved unique challenges, it was no surprise to her that he agreed. Ritesh’s cousin from India joined the team, and the trio brainstormed the idea, registered domain, decided the title, set up social media accounts and applied for ISBN the same day.

Day 4

Ritesh continued to pen down more six-word stories. The landing page was created and shared with the close network. Book cover designer and editor were finalised with a promise to credit them in this unique, soon-to-be path-breaking book.

Day 5

The USP of the book turned out to be the graphical representation of six-word stories with the help of Canva. Each page was dedicated to one six-word story presented to invoke readers’ emotions. An all-nighter resulted in the book designer, two cover designers, book editor collaborating with the trio.

Day 6

Surreal is a small word to explain how it felt when the final PDF was given thumbs up by the team, ready to be presented to the world.. err the network of family and friends. A teaser pdf with 6 six-word stories was shared with a link to buy the full eBook.

Almost 50 copies were sold overnight and Ritesh became a published author in six days!!

auThor’s Note

Six-word stories tell a complete story. It is your imagination that will transform the experience of reading a six-word story to a whole new level.

If you scroll through or skim pages, you might find it like a collection of posters. But if you take a pause, visualise the scene and the characters involved, you will be presented with a surreal experience provoking your thoughts.

Personally, I find this visualization reading style quite therapeutic; it’s like watching an opera.

Ritesh Nigam

Storyteller of few words; six precisely.

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The unique feature of the six-word stories book is its presentation and thought-provoking content, which makes it worthy of a spot on your bookshelf.

The book has something for everyone, making it a unique gift book. This is the kind of book which you want to gift, knowing with certainty that the other person will love it.

Six Words, Six Days, This Book.
This book is dedicated to the Community Mental Health Team, run by Wokingham Borough Council and Berkshire NHS Trust

100% of the profit from the sale of this book are donated to Mental Health Charities


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